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Ways To Visit

We are working hard to accept as many containers as possible, but due to space limitations and to ensure our health and safety measures are effective, we may have to limit the amount of containers you are able to return during one visit.

We have 3 options to help you get your containers recycled

Through the front where our Recycling Technicians count your containers for a cash refund

All you need is you and your recycling

A skip-the-line service allowing you to drop you containers off and recieve refund via PayPal or Cheque Pickup

All you need is an account, get yours here

Book an appointment to drop off very large orders and recieve refund via Cheque Mail-out

All you need are the guidelines found here

Our Recycling Guides at our depots will direct you to the option that suits your recycling the best, but you can plan for your next visit using the graphic below

You have a few bags and boxes of glass and can easily manage to move them yourself, without multiple trips in and out.

Best Option:

Since we are encouraging only one adult recycler per household, only bring in as much recycling as you are able to manage safely by yourself.

There may be a lengthy wait, but you will walk out with your cash


Spend less time in the depot with limited contact and save time by skipping the line. An excellent choice if you don’t need the refund right away

You have a substantial amount of recycling built up since the closure and would need more than yourself to carry them in.

Best Option:

In order to eliminate back-and-forth trips into the depot, Drop & Go would work perfectly to have all of your recycling processed with one drop off

Your refund will be ready after we process your order


You could break up your order and bring in smaller amounts more frequently or a couple of friends to help you to be able to use SARCAN Classic

You are a business, bottle drive, or have been collecting recycling for a long period of time and have a very large order.

Best Option:

You can book an appointment for a specific date and time to drop off your large recycling order. Our teams will process your recycling as time allows

Your refund will be paid via cheque and sent in the mail


Bring in smaller portions of your large order over the course of a few weeks to still be able to drop your containers off, but use Drop & Go instead

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming amount of containers being recycled since we reopened, some of our locations have had to close their Drop & Go to catch up with backlogged containers. Please check our Drop & Go availability listing on the Hours & Locations page

Preparing for your visit

By preparing your containers ahead of time, you can ensure that your next visit to SARCAN will be quick and safe.

  • Sort your containers by material type (aluminum cans in one bag, plastic containers in one bag, milk jugs in one bag, etc) to help us count containers as quickly as possible.
  • Make sure you remove caps from all containers before coming in.
  • Sort out any non-deposit materials and trash from your order before you visit.
  • We will try to be as flexible as possible to help you get your containers recycled. Our Recycling Guide will help you determine the best option between coming in through the front, using Drop & go, or dropping off your containers as a Bulk drop-off.
  • If you do have a substantial amount of recycling, consider using Drop & Go or arranging for a Bulk drop-off.

Arriving at SARCAN

Customer Limits

We will be limiting the number of customers allowed in our locations based on their size. Please be prepared to wait in line for longer than normal, and possibly outside of our depots.

  • Due to the small size of our Drop & Go areas, we ask that only one customer at a time be present in the area.
  • If you are coming in to pick up a cheque or if you only have Paint or Electronics, see our Recycling Guide, who will be able to assist you without the need for you to enter the depot.

One Recycler per Family

We are also encouraging only one adult recycler per family to limit the amount of customers in our depot at one time. If you do come with more than one adult family member, you may be asked to split your order amongst yourselves and enter the depot in separate trips.

Physical Distancing

We ask that you practice safe Physical Distancing, both inside and outside of our depots.

  • Please keep a minimum of 6 feet between yourself, our employees, and other customers.
  • Our Recycling Guides will be wearing high visibility vests and will be present to assist customers. Please follow the instructions of our Recycling Guides to make sure you are standing the appropriate distance from others.


As always, we would love to hear how your trip to SARCAN was! If you have any questions, comments, or you would like to salute your local SARCAN depot team: