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Virtual Bottle Drives

Organizing a bottle drive is easier than ever before! Virtual bottle drives allow group fundraising organizations to spread the word about their fundraiser, by allowing friends and family across Saskatchewan to participate at any SARCAN depot.

Looking to set up a Virtual Bottle Drive?

It's easy to set up a virtual bottle drive!

  • Simply visit the Drop & Go registration page to register and select 'Group' as your Account Type.
  • Choose your Group Phrase
    • Choose a phrase that is unique to your group and easy to remember. This will be the phrase tha your potential donators will enter at their local Drop & Go Kiosk to donate their containers to your group.
  • Share your Group Phrase
    • Spread the word about your new Virtual Bottle Drive by sharing your Group Phrase with the rest of the members of your group, your friends & family, or even post it on your social media channels and website!
    • Feel free to use this handy template
  • Log in to your account to see your donations
    • Once you've shared your phrase and people have used it to donate to your group, you will be able to see those donations by logging in to

Looking to donate to an existing Virtual Bottle Drive?

Separate your recycling at home by putting plastics, cartons and aluminum cans into bags and glass beverage containers into boxes (don’t forget to include your milk containers)!

  • Visit any SARCAN depot and look for Drop & Go.
  • Type in the group phrase you were given when you heard about the fundraiser.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to print labels for your order.
  • Label your order and go!

Your order will be processed and the deposit refund will be paid directly to the fundraiser. It is that simple!