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We've had enough of these kooky Cartons and bully boxes! It's time we put a stop to their menacing ways - but we need your help rounding them all up and dishing out some sweet recycling justice!

We want them so bad, we've put rewards up to $1000 on them. If you run into these baddies out in the wild between February 1st and March 3rd: capture them in your recycling bag, bring them down to your local SARCAN, and let us know you've caught them by posting a pic of your captured container on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok and tag it with#UnusualSuspects2

If these crazy cartons and bad-boy boxes don't get recycled at SARCAN, they are left to run amuck in our natural environment! They pose a threat to our wildlife and take up precious space in our landfills. Help us stop this reign of terror by capturing every member of this gang and bringing them to us. The Carton Council of Canada and SARCAN Recycling will make sure that they don't cause any more havoc by breaking them down and using the materials they are made of to make new, useful everyday things like tissues, printing paper, ceiling tiles, and roof boards.

They are easy to catch, too! When you see one, twist off their lid and hit them a quick rinse to stun them. Then, snap a pic of the culprit you've caught and tag it on social media with #UnusualSuspects2 to let us know you've nabbed 'em!

Rewards up for grabs:


(1 available to win)


(1 available to win)


(1 available to win)


(1 available to win)

Breaking New Evidence!

These Unusual Suspects can typically be found anywhere - in stores, coffee shops, your house - but breaking new evidence suggests that they gather in LARGE numbers in our schools! They've made their way into vending machines, the cafeteria, lockers, lunch bags, and more.

SARCAN Recycling and the Carton Council of Canada are asking schools to become Special Investigative Units and round up these suspects before they make their escape into the environment!

Your mission: track down all of the suspects lurking in your school, snap a photo of them once captured, and share it from your school's social media account with the hashtag #UnusualSuspects2.

We will reward one lucky school-turned-Special Investigative Unit with $500.00!!

Get all the details in the Contest Rules and then get familiar with all the suspect's mugshots below so you know who you are looking for!

Unusual Suspects: Mugshots

Name: Betty Buttermilk

Common Sizes: 500mL, 1L, 2L

Aliases: No Known Aliases

Known Hangouts: Grocery store dairy ailes; bakeries; Family fridges


Name: "J" Boss

Common Sizes: 125mL - 250mL

Aliases: Various fruit juices, medleys, & punches, Five Alive

Known Hangouts: Grocery store juice ailes; Children's lunch bags, Daycares


Name: JB Senior

Common Sizes: 237mL - 2L

Aliases: Various fruit juices, medleys, & punches; Plant-based dairy

Known Hangouts: Grocery store dairy aisle & drink coolers; Family fridges, Coffee Shops


Name: Jersey Boy

Common Sizes: 237mL, 500mL

Aliases: Chocolate Milk

Known Hangouts: Grocery store dairy ailes; Drink Coolers; School lunches


Name: Kramer The Creamer

Common Sizes: 237mL - 1L

Aliases: Half & Half, Fluid Coffee Creamer, Heavy Cream

Known Hangouts: Grocery store dairy ailes; Office Fridges; Coffee Chops


Name: Milk Man

Common Sizes: 946mL - 4L

Aliases: Skim, 1%, 2%, 3%, Whole

Known Hangouts: Grocery store dairy aisle; Bakeries; Family fridges


Name: Mr. Chug

Common Sizes: 500mL - 1L

Aliases: Spring Water, Flavoured Water

Known Hangouts: Grocery and Convenience store drink coolers; Gym bags


Name: The Alternatives

Common Sizes: 500mL - 2L

Aliases: Plant based dairy, Nut Milks, Grain Milks

Known Hangouts: Grocery store drink aisle; Dairy coolers; Lactose free fridges; coffee cops