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From: Kimberly Fiechter

Depot: Weyburn - 101 Paul Road

I work at Weyburn Sarcan depot as a casual employee and I started in January of 2020. I would just like to say I have really enjoyed working there and being a part of the team. The supervisors (Tyson Balog and Cheryl Moen) is always putting their employees before themselves. They care about each and every one of their employees. Even when there are bad days Tyson and Cheryl always try to have a positive mind set to ensure the employees are remaining positive. They always ensure that the depot is always running smoothly, especially during these difficult times. I just want to thank Tyson and Cheryl for all of their hard work and countless hours they do to keep the depot running smoothly and also for hiring me to be apart of their team. - Kimberly Fiechter