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From: Samantha Henley

Depot: Moose Jaw - 50 Manitoba Street E

I used the Drop and Go at Moose Jaw yesterday. It was almost 4:30pm and the main entrance guide had 5 customers come up in quick succession. She decided to let the young man with the large collection be the last customer as the staff inside would be busy with current orders until 5pm. Right after she made that decision, a male rode up on a bike with a small bag. She told him that she wasn't accepting any more customers. He became upset as he told her that he needed to eat. It was clear that for whatever reasons (and that is NOT part of this discussion), he was socially disadvantaged. He stood there looking upset and lost. Eventually the entrance recycling guide decided to squeeze him in. I know that a lot of vulnerable people use Sarcan to obtain some form of income and with that there can some issues associated with that. However, I wanted to let her know that I was watching the whole time and really appreciate her allowing him to cash in his very minimal collection. He was hanging around Riverside Mission when I was finished with my collection. At the end of a long shift, it's easy to be tired and fed up. Being mindful of the people who rely on Sarcan for some of the essentials is important. So thank you for being aware.