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From: Cheryl Kirchner

Depot: Regina Grant Road - 2124A Grant Road

I have been hesitant to head over to Sarcan due to the long line ups however, today (August 14th at 2:30) while driving home I noticed that the line-up at Grant Road wasn't too bad so I hurried back with my load. I have to give a big high five today to the fellow working outside at the door. I didn't catch his name but he was 50-60 yrs old, thin with a beard. He was fabulous! He has the best customer service skills! He was so kind and patient helping people out and making sure they were looked after by trying to keep them out of the sun all while maintaining social distance. I asked him about the drop-and-go process and he gave a thorough explanation on how it is done. He really made the entire experience much more pleasant than I thought it would be. He kept everyone upbeat and happy in the line and everyone left with a smile on their face.