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Saskatoon South

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Our location at 2605 Broadway Ave has moved to 2900 Jasper Ave. S

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With this big space upgrade, we are able to have more chutes in the front to be able to serve more customers at a time. We also have more chutes in the back to be able to process more Drop & Go. No matter how you visit SARCAN, it will for sure be faster here


We aren't sure if 'Droppier' is even a word, but we are sure that this new location will be exactly that since it will feature an improved Drop & Go that has it's own entrance to a separate room to log in to your account and drop off your recycling, so you can get to the Go step quicker


We put in a lot of thought and planning to our new locations to make them even more than just new buildings and keep them true to our eco-standards. They are fully equipped with enviro-friendly features like automatic lighting and new, high-efficiency machinery to make these facilities better than they have ever been