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Recycling class is in session!

Check out these resources to help your school ACE recycling!

But your favourite features are still here!

Whether you need bins for your school, posters for your bins, or want to take a tour - virtual or in-person - of SARCAN to see how we do things and what happens to your recycling, we have you covered! Scroll down to see what SARCAN School has for you!

SARCAN School has gone off campus!

We've moved our SARCAN School program here, to our main website, to make it easier to access and put it within a finger's click away from all of the other wonderful recycling resources we have to offer.

Graduate to a full-fledged SARCAN School!

Running your school recycling system has never been easier with these downloadable resources! Whether you just need some posters to let people know which containers go in which bin, you are running a bottle drive and need some door hangers, or just want to take your school to the next level with our Green Team Guides - we have you covered!

Group Recycling Just Got Easier!

With a My Drop & Go Group Account, recycling at SARCAN is a breeze!

  • Get a 'Group Phrase' for quick and easy sign-in at the depot to get you in and out in as little as a minute.

  • Run a 'Virtual Bottle Drive' by giving your phrase to faculty, friends, and families who can use the phrase at any SARCAN depot in the province

  • Update all of your account information - including your payment method - with just a few clicks

  • Get a detailed list of all your transactions on your account - including donations

  • Check out your 'Earth Saver Stats' and see the impact of your recycling such as landfill space saved, energy savings, and more!