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Be a Recycling Rockstar and you could win $500!

If you are anything like the members of the SARCAN Band - then you are a bonafide Recycling Rockstar!

We LOVE when recyclers prepare their orders, use our Drop & Go for quick service, or contribute to their community by donating their containers. So, if this sounds like you, then this is your chance to shine!

From now until February 28th, snap a pic of your containers or you recycling them and tag your pic on Facebook or Instagram with #SARCANRecyclingRockstars and tell us which of the SARCAN Recycling Rockstars you are for a chance to win big!

You could win:





Winners will be announced on March 1st, 2021. For more details see the Contest Rules.

Meet The Rockstars!

Everything in it's place!

The Sorter knows how much faster the service is when everything is separated by the type of material it is. Putting their containers in separate bags is a sure-fire way to make sure they have more than enough time to practice all those bass lines!

#SARCANRecyclingRockstars #TheSorter

Super Space Saver!

The Crusher wants to make every trip to SARCAN super efficient and easy, that is why they flatten all of their containers lengthwise so they can fit 3 bags worth of containers in a single bag. Now their trip is a one-handed affair so they never have to drop the mic!

#SARCANRecyclingRockstars #TheCrusher

In and Out!

The Dropper is all about living the easy life and steering clear of all the hassle of waiting in lines, and what is easier and more hassle-free than Drop & Go? No fuss, no muss, just simple and quick recycling so they can get back to strumming some peaceful notes!

#SARCANRecyclingRockstars #TheDropper

Community Conscious!

With all this band money coming in, the Donor wants to spread their love by donating their containers to some great community causes! And now is their favourite time to visit SARCAN, so they can donate to Telemiracle through the Drop & Go. Wait...Donor AND a Dropper?!? Can we get a drumroll for this double-Rockstar?!

#SARCANRecyclingRockstars #TheDonor