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Other Recyclable Materials

SARCAN accepts beverage containers, paint and electronics. Many other household items can also be recycled, and most Saskatchewan communities offer either curbside recycling or a town recycle centre where household materials such as paper (newspaper, cardboard, etc.), plastics (shampoo bottles, yogurt containers, etc.) tin cans and more can be recycled. You can also visit any of the websites featured below to get more information on household recycling in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council offers a very helpful database for household recyclable materials. You can search by material type or by community! This is an extremely helpful resource and worth bookmarking to find recycling solutions for most household materials.

Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council Database 

Recycle Saskatchewan

Recycle Saskatchewan offers information about recycling programs in Saskatchewan, such as used oil and tire recycling.

Recycle Saskatchewan Green Question Database

Government of Saskatchewan Green Living Resources

The provincial Ministry of Environment continues to consult with businesses and citizens in the areas of household hazerdous waste, solid waste sustainability and more. Visit the Green Living area on the Ministry's website to keep up to date on the latest. 

Recycing Waste and Recycling - Green Living in Saskatchewan 

Municipal Recycling Programs

Many towns and cities offer information about what kind of recycling services are available in the community on the town or city's website. 

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