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 Impact Calculator

Each year, SARCAN saves upwards of 450 Million containers from ending up in Saskatchewan landfills. The environmental benefit from those containers being diverted is incredible and is one of the accomplishments that we are most proud of. That is why we track things like what our energy offset* is for each year (enough energy to power nearly 8000 homes for an entire year) or how many COemissions our efforts prevented from entering our atmosphere (about the same as pulling over 11, 500 cars off the road). And now you can too! Use our impact calculator below to to see what your environmental impact is!

*energy offset = comparing the recycling process to mining and refining raw materials.

How many empty beverage containers have you recycled?

By recycling your containers, you've saved

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    lbs\sq.ft of Greenhouse Gas

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    lbs from the landfill

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    BTU’s of energy