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The SARCAN Story

SARCAN Recycling is the recycling division of the SARC, a membership association of nonprofit organizations that provide community-based services throughout Saskatchewan. SARCAN was created in 1988 when SARC was awarded the exclusive contract with the Government of Saskatchewan to recycle used beverage containers across the province.

Some SARCAN Recycling depots across the province are operated by SARC Members, while others are operated directly by SARCAN.

SARC was established in 1968, but it didn't establish its recycling division SARCAN until 20 years later in 1988, when the province first introduced aluminum cans in Saskatchewan. At that time, 32 depots were set up across the province in partnership with SARC's Member Agencies.

  • 1988

    SARCAN opens in 32 communities province-wide, accepting only aluminum and tin cans for 5¢ each

  • 1990

    Plastic pop, juice and alcohol bottles get added to the SARCAN system

  • 1992

    Glass bottles used for pop, juice and alcohol are added to the deposit system

  • 1992

    Tin ready-to-serve beverage containers are added so items like tomato juice could be recycled

  • 1998

    Aseptic and gable-top cartons like juice boxes are added to the deposit system

  • 2001

    Milk jugs and cartons are added to the system on a voluntary basis without deposit refunds

  • 2006

    SARCAN depots become collection locations for household paint through Product Care

  • 2007

    SARCAN depots become collection sites for end-of-life electronics

  • 2017

    Milk and other drinkable dairy products become part of the deposit refund system

  • 2021

    SARCAN Depots become collection sites for common household batteries for Call2Recycle

And here we are, three decades later... since our humble beginnings, we have recycled over eight billion beverage containers and employ over 900 people!

Thank you for your support!

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