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Drop & Go just got even cooler!

Now, as soon as we finish counting and processing your containers (typically within 5 days), you can get your SARCAN refund deposited directly* into your bank account with Drop & Go E-Transfer payments! No coming back for a cheque, no extra services, just your money, right where your money should be.

*Autodeposit must be turned on through your bank or financial institution in order to receive your refund directly. Without this turned on, you will need to accept the E-Transfer payment using your email and 9 digit customer number from your receipt.

Have an account already? Make the switch today!

On your next trip to SARCAN Drop & Go, make the switch to E-Transfer using the Drop & Go Kiosk.

Sign in to your account and tap on 'Update Payment Method'. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the switch. After you complete this step, all of your Drop & Go refund payments will now be paid by E-Transfer!

*Updating Payment Method to e-transfer is only available in-depot at this time.

Don't have an account? Get one!

Drop & Go is the quickest and easiest way to recycle your containers at SARCAN.

Head over to the Drop & Go Registration page to create your account. The only thing you need is your name, an email address, and phone number. And don't forget to choose 'E-Transfer' as your payment method!

Make sure to keep your receipt!

Your Drop & Go receipt will have your 9 digit customer number on it.

When you receive your E-Transfer payment from your Drop & Go order, you will need your unique 9 digit customer number in order to accept the payment. Be sure to keep your receipt (or your customer number) in a safe place that you won't lose it.

Never miss a payment with Autodeposit!

Have your refund go straight into your bank account without any hassle.

E-Transfer payments expire within 30 days if not accepted. We know life can get busy, and things get forgotten, so the best way to avoid expired payments is by turning on Autodeposit through your online or mobile banking solution*.

*The availability and method for doing this differs between financial institutions. Reach out to yours to find out if and how you can turn on Autodeposit.

Don't miss any important notifications!

Make sure your Drop & Go email address is valid.

If you don't have Autodeposit turned on or it isn't available through your financial institution, you will need to have access to a valid email address so that you are able to accept the E-Transfer. If you aren't sure what yours is or you need to update it, use the Contact Us form here to verify/update.

I still don't have any emails!

Check to make sure that it isn't in your junk mail.

Of course we don't think that SARCAN emails are junk, but your email service might! If you have verified your email address and still aren't receiving any messages from us, check your junk or spam folder to see if it ended up in there.

Is there a fee to use E-Transfer?

When using E-Transfer to receive deposit refunds, a flat surcharge of $0.25 is automatically deducted from your deposit balance by our financial institution. This is the standard processing fee for E-Transfer transactions.

Still have questions?

Our Drop & Go FAQ might have the answer you are looking for.

You can find the answer to the most common Drop & Go and E-Transfer questions in our FAQ found here. If you have looked there and still can't find you answer, then use the Contact Us form here to ask us directly.

Thank you for choosing SARCAN Drop & Go!