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SARCAN collects end-of-life electronics for responsible recycling at all of its depots on behalf of the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA)  EPRA, a non-profit association created by electronics manufacturers and retailers, manages the program in accordance with the Province of Saskatchewan's Environmental Management and Protection Act. EPRA is funded by Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) paid upon the purchase of new electronics.

What is accepted?

  • Computers and Accessories: Desktop computers (including those acting as servers), portable computers such as laptops, tablets, notebooks or netbooks, as well as keyboards, mice, speakers, external modems/routers, external drives, and scanners.

  • Printers, Fax Machines and Photocopiers: Printers designed to reside on a work surface, including: Inkjet, laser, dot matrix, all-in-one (multi-function) devices, photo printers, label printers, desktop photocopiers, including stand-alone desktop fax machines. Desktop and portable scanners, including business card, cheque, photo-negative, ID card and portable pen scanners.

  • Floor-Standing Photocopiers/Multi-Function Devices: Print or multi-function devices that are floor-standing models with a maximum weight of 200 kilograms (440 lbs.) and/or maximum length/width of 2 meters (6.5 feet).

  • Display Devices: including CRT and flat panel televisions, closed-circuit displays, TV/VCR or DVD combinations, video baby monitors and e-book readers.

  • Audio Equipment: including stereos (home and automobile), speakers (home, automobile, and MP3 docking speakers), headphones, microphones, portable music players (CD, cassette, MP3), voice recorders, radios, alarm clock radios, and turntables.

  • Video Equipment: including VCRs, DVD players, portable DVD players, personal video recorders (PVRs), satellite receivers, cable receivers, personal data assistants (PDAs), digital picture frames, GPS systems, game consoles and accessories

  • Cameras: including film, digital, video, web, and security cameras.

  • Telephones: including corded and cordless telephones, cellular and smart phones, satellite telephones, VOIP telephones, pagers, beepers, and answering machines.

  • Microwave Ovens: Counter-top models only.


What is not accepted?

Please note: Household appliances other than microwaves are not part of the electronics recycling program. For more information on where to take household appliances, please visit the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council's Where to Recycle Database.

We reserve the right to reject any electronics if we deem them to be in an unsafe condition to handle (including those with broken shards of leaded glass or excessively dirty products).

Large Volume Generators (Bulk Return Customers)

Customers may bring in up to 25 large pieces of electronics per depot per day without making an appointment.

  • In Regina,

    please contact the
    Angus Street depot at:

    (306) 359-3320
  • In Saskatoon,

    please contact the
    Faithfull Avenue depot at:

    (306) 975-0650
  • In Prince Albert,

    please contact the
    North Industrial Drive depot at:

    (306) 764-7288

Large volume generators of electronics and other bulk electronics customers may drop off more than this by appointment only. Customers who wish to bring in more than 50 large pieces of electronics may be asked to package their electronics off site (using packaging materials supplied by SARCAN) and deliver them via your organization's transport or a courier. Please contact the depot in your community by phone to book an appointment.

Large volume generators (including non-SARCAN municipalities) may also apply to EPRA to have their materials picked up free of charge. For more information on EPRA's large vendor generator services, please visit the EPRA website.

What Happens to Electronics?

The electronics dropped off at SARCAN depots are expressly done so for the purposes of dismantling and recycling (not reuse or resale). It is because of this that SARCAN depots are not able to offer any electronics or components of electronics to the public for reuse or resale.

To find out about the electronics recycling process, visit the EPRA website.

Data Security

Electronics collected by SARCAN Recycling are not plugged in or operated. Concerned customers are still encouraged to wipe their personal information from any data-containing electronics (including, but not limited to, CPUs, laptops, desktop servers, fax machines, answering machines, cell phones and cameras). The fully secure dismantling sites that dismantle and recycle the electronics collected under EPRA must meet rigid security standards that prevent the unlawful access of customer information.

For more information on these standards, visit the EPRA website or call 1-888-567-4535.

For More Information

For more information on the program and environmental handling fees, or for exact definitions of the products accepted, visit the EPRA website or call 1-888-567-4535.

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