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Drop & Donate

Want your deposit refunds to go to help the work of some amazing non-profits throughout Saskatchewan?  Now you can make a donation to these organizations quickly and easily with SARCAN Drop & Go!

What is Drop & Donate?

Simply visit your local SARCAN depot and log in to any one of our participating charities with their group phrase (all listed below).  Our friendly depot staff can help you make your first donation.  Once you have logged into their account, simply print off tags for the number of bags and boxes you would like to donate, put one label on each bag and box, and leave your order in the designated Drop & Go area at the depot. 

Your containers will be counted by our amazing staff, and your deposit refunds will be donated to the charity of your choice.  The refunds you donate will help some really amazing organizations help build communities throughout Saskatchewan.  See how your donations make a difference by reading about these organizations below or by visiting their websites. 

Other Information

  • Any non-profits, charities, or other fundraising causes can use SARCAN Drop & Go to host your own year-round, virtual bottle drives.  You will be responsible for setting up your account and promoting your cause throughout your community.  We recommend payment via PayPal for virtual bottle drives so that your organization can receive donations from SARCAN depots across the province.  See Virtual Bottle Drives for more information.
  • The charities listed below have been selected by SARCAN Recycling to match the vision and mandate of our organization.  At this time we will not be promoting any other charities, but we encourage you to create your own Drop & Go account to help with your fundraising efforts.
Thank you for your donations!