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Deposit Beverage Containers

SARCAN accepts all deposit beverage containers for recycling. When you buy beverage containers in Saskatchewan, there is a non-refundable environmental handling charge and a refundable deposit added to each container at the time of check-out. When you bring your beverage containers back to SARCAN to get recycled, you receive the deposit refund cash back in your pocket.

It pays to recycle your deposit beverage containers at SARCAN!


Check out Visiting a Depot to find helpful tips on getting in and out of the depot faster! 

Container Type Refundable Deposit Non-Refundable Environmental Handling Charge
Aluminum/Tin Cans Aluminum/Tin Cans Up to 999mL: 10¢
1 L & over: 25¢
Plastic Bottles/Jugs Plastic Bottles/Jugs Up to 999mL: 10¢
1 L & over: 25¢
Clear and Coloured Glass Clear and Coloured Glass Up to 300 ml: 10¢
301 – 999 ml: 20¢
1 L & over: 40¢
Cartons and Juice Boxes Cartons and Juice Boxes Up to 999mL: 10¢
1 L & over: 25¢
Refillable Beer Bottles Refillable Beer Bottles One size (341ml): 5¢ N/A

SARCAN cannot accept:

  • Any beverage container purchased outside of Saskatchewan
  • Foil pouches
  • Bag-in-a-box containers (wine, water)
  • Containers larger than 5 litres (such as refillable water jugs or industrial milk bladders)
  • Products labeled as meal replacements
  • Products labeled as fortified liquid diet
  • Baby juices (i.e., Heinz)
  • Any product, packaged in either a frozen or non-frozen format, which requires one or more additives to transform it into a ready-to-serve drink (frozen juice concentrates, etc.).
Please recycle these types of containers through your municipality's local recycling service or visit the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council’s “Where to Recycle” database for more information.

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