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Give your old batteries new life!

SARCAN is more than excited to announce the latest addition to the SARCAN family of accepted materials: Batteries! As of January 1st, 2021, SARCAN depots across the province* will be a part of Call2Recycle’s national network of battery collection sites, helping Saskatchewan residents divert even more material from our landfills.

Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. is committed to protecting and preserving the environment through collecting and recycling consumer batteries. Founded in 1997, the not-for-profit organization works on behalf of stakeholders to provide its battery collection and recycling program to consumers across Canada through its growing network of more than 9,000 convenient drop-off locations. You can find out more by visiting Call2Recycling's website

*Due to shipping delays over the holiday season, some SARCAN depots have not received their collection supplies yet. Please check with your local SARCAN before taking your batteries in for recycling.

What is accepted?

  • Call2Recycle offers consumers access to used battery collection boxes at retail and municipal collection sites located across Canada. The Call2Recycle program accepts single-use batteries like AA, AAA, 9V, D, C and others, as well as rechargeable replacement batteries often found in portable devices like old power tools and garden tools, video game controllers, and digital cameras. Please, no car batteries or batteries weighing over 5 kg each.

  • All dry-cell rechargable batteries up to 5 kg

  • All dry-cell single-use batteries up to 5 kg

  • Car batteries or batteries weighing over 5 kg each

  • For more details on what is accepted, take a look at Call2Recycling's downloadable Battery Recycling Guide

Is there a refund for batteries?

No. At the point of purchase, there is a non-refundable EHF (Environment Handling Fee) which is a charge on a product to handle the responsible collection and end-of-life management of that product. There is no refund when you recycle your batteries since there is no deposit paid on them when they are bought.

Important things to remember:

Battery terminals that touch metal surfaces or other batteries can spark, causing a fire or explosion.

Always individually bag Lithium-Ion, Small Sealed Lead Acid, Lithium, Alkaline (over 12v), and button/coin cell batteries. When in doubt of the battery type, Call2Recycle recommends the battery be individually bagged or taped.

For more information on how to tape or bag your batteries, use Call2Recycle's Minimum Terminal Protection Guidelines.

Why Recycle Your Batteries?

  • To protect wildlife and the environment.

    Recycling your old batteries keeps hazardous material out of the landfill where it can be a threat to environment.

  • To keep people and property safe by reducing potential fire risk.

    If batteries are improperly disposed of at their end-of-life, they can short circuit or overheat and cause a fire or injury.

  • To use old batteries to make new things.

    Metals captured during the recycling process can be reused as input material for manufacturing new products such as bicycles, pots and pans, or even new batteries!

What Happens To Your Batteries When You Recycle Them?

From your old batteries to new items like pots and pans, silverware, sunscreen, and even golf clubs, check out the Battery Recycling Journey.