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Drop off your containers, tag your bags, and go -- it's that simple!

SARCAN Drop & Go is the quickest, easiest way to recycle with SARCAN to get your beverage container deposit refund. With a Drop & Go Account, after you've dropped and tagged your bags and boxes, you can receive your payments through e-Transfer, PayPal, or by coming back to the depot and picking up a cheque. You can also donate your refunds to a bottle drive or charity.

And Drop & Go just got even better! Introducing:

Now, with My Drop & Go, you can log into your Drop & Go account online and get access to these great new features:


Be in control of your account information with just a couple of clicks. Update your account email address, phone number, or even your method of payment!


See where and when you've dropped off orders, view your current order activity, and take a look at the history of your past order's transactions!


For the environment enthusiasts out there, you can see the impact that your recycling has had with Earth Saver Stats like energy offset and how much you've kept out of our landfills!

How does Drop & Go work?

Watch the video below or scroll down to see how you can start using Drop & Go and how it all works!

What do you want to know more about?

Create Your Account

The first thing you need to do is create your account! Head to on your favourite device and click on ‘Sign Up’ - All you need is a name, email address, and phone number!

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You can sign up as an individual or as a Group with a Group Phrase that you can share to allow anyone to donate their recycling to your group! Find out more about Virtual Bottle Drives here.

Turn on notification emails to get updates about your orders and, finally, choose how you want to receive your refund - now you are all set to drop off!

Locate a SARCAN Near You

Head to our Hours & Locations page to find out where your local SARCAN depot is and when they are open - some of our locations even have extended hours for Drop & Go for those late night bottle runs!

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You can also use that page to find out where in your local depot the Drop & Go kiosk is located since this varies from depot to depot.

Be sure to check this page before you visit as occasionally Drop & Go is so popular we run out of space and have to temporarily pause accepting orders. We will post these temporary closures on that page when it does happen.

Tag your bags & boxes

With your tags all printed, peel each tag off individually and stick them to your bags and boxes - 1 tag for each bag and/or box that you are dropping off!

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Try and make sure to place your tags on your bags and boxes without wrinkling or folding them and put them in a spot that is easily seen and accesible so that we are able to scan them.

If you did accidentally print off too many tags, stick the extra tags to one of your bags or boxes so that we know we aren’t missing one!

Your Order in the Queue

After you ‘Go’, one of our Recycling Technicians will take your order and place it into the queue in the order that we recieved it.

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As you can imagine, at some of our locations, our Drop & Go is very popular! Our Recycling Technicians work hard to get you your refund as soon as possible, but occasionally it may take a day or two before we get to your order.

Thank you very much in advance for your patience!

Your Order Status

You can log in to your My Drop & Go account after you have dropped off your order to check on it’s status.

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You will see a list of your past visits and once we have started counting your order, you will see the refund total for the containers that we have counted so far in the ‘Current Activity’ section.

You can then go to the Transactions page of your account to see the history of all of your transactions, including the ones for your active order.

Updating Your Information

Your account information is in your control! Where ever you have access to the internet, you have access to your account information.

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Navigate to the ‘My Account’ page on your My Drop & Go account, and click the edit button. We use 2-Factor Authentication to keep your information safe and verify that it is truly you who requested this update.

Once you have been verified, feel free to update your account information, like your name, email, phone number, or even change how you get your payments!

Contacting Support

And finally, if you have any issues with your account - can’t log in, can’t update your account information, orders not appearing on your account, etc. - reach out to our Drop & Go Support team!

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They are here to help make sure that your Drop & Go recycling experience is the best that it can be and you get every penny of your refund.

You can contact the team by clicking here and choosing ‘Drop & Go’ in the Subject field.