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The SARCAN Story

SARCAN Recycling is the recycling division of the SARC, a membership association of nonprofit organizations that provide community-based services throughout Saskatchewan. SARCAN was created in 1988 when SARC was awarded the exclusive contract with the Government of Saskatchewan to recycle used beverage containers across the province. 

Some SARCAN Recycling depots across the province are operated by SARC Members, while others are operated directly by SARCAN. 

SARC was established in 1968, but it didn't establish its recycling division SARCAN until 20 years later in 1988, when the province first introduced aluminum cans in Saskatchewan. At that time, 32 depots were set up across the province in partnership with SARC's Member Agencies.

Initially, only soft drink and beer cans were recycled under a deposit system that provided a five cent refund on each can.  Eventually, plastic beverage containers and glass bottles were added to SARCAN's deposit system. In 1992, SARCAN expanded the items it takes to include all ready-to-serve beverages packed in aluminum, tin, and all types of plastic and glass non-refillable containers.  On April 1, 1998, aseptic beverage boxes and cartons were added to the approved deposit containers. In 2006, SARCAN started accepting used paint, and providing paint-exchange reuse services. In 2007, SARCAN began recycling electronics under contract with the Electronics Product Recycling Association (formerly SWEEP).

Over 25 years later, we have recycled over six billion beverage containers and have a recycling network that employs over 600 people in the province of Saskatchewan.

Thank you for your ongoing support!