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Welcome, Students!

Have you ever been curious about what happens to the products that get recycled at SARCAN? 

Join a Green Team!

One of the best ways you can promote more recycling in your school is to be a part of your school’s Green Team.  School Green Teams can do so many things to improve your school’s environmental performance, including:

  • Placing recycling bins for beverage containers in lunchrooms

  • Encouraging more students to recycle juice boxes, one of the least frequently recycled items at Saskatchewan schools

  • Placing recycling bins for paper, beverage containers, and other recyclables in each classroom.

  • Conducting waste audits on classroom garbage to show individual classes how to recycle better in the future

  • Hosting assemblies and other presentations on recycling, energy conservation, and water conservation

  • Removing litter from playgrounds

By collecting beverage and taking them to SARCAN, Green Teams can make money for the school or for other environmental programs.

Don’t forget to take time to celebrate the successes of your Green Team, highlighting things like the amount of deposit refunds you have accumulated and what those funds are used for.  Make sure to share your successes with your principal, teachers, and the entire school!

If you have any other questions about starting up recycling programs in your school, contact us.