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Thank you, Saskatchewan!

We are thrilled to report that in the summer months of 2017, SARCAN broke all its previous records for returns in one month. The official highest container total was achieved in July, with over 48 million containers returned in just one month! We thought this was a pretty impressive feat, until one short month later, the record was shattered again, with over 50 million containers returned in August! To put it into perspective, laying 50 million containers from end to end would take you from Saskatoon to New York City.


The success of the summer can be attributed to new initiatives, like adding deposits on drinkable dairy containers like milk and cream, as well as increasing deposit refund amounts, and adding Drop & Go, our new system for customers in a hurry, but most importantly, it is our customers who continue to support us in communities across the province. We couldn't do it without you, Saskatchewan! Thank you for continuing to support SARCAN by returning your beverage containers directly to us or to a worthwhile charity or non-profit organization in your community.


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