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We have been proud to support the Saskatchewan Environmental Society’s 25 Acts of Conservation program over the last four years. In that time, we saw students across the province work with their schools to become more environmentally conscious. The range in topics and varieties of the projects over the past four years brought unmatched passion, dedication and creativity from students across the province. The projects were all about what kind of changes in behaviour people can make to positively impact the environment.

Students from all over the province, in different sizes of communities and schools, worked hard to create thoughtful projects that had tangible results. Not only were students learning about the importance of environmental protection and preservation, but they were also learning how to teach each other, and become environmental leaders in their schools, their homes and in their communities.

Here are some highlights from 25 Acts of Conservation:

Churchill School, La Ronge

Churchill. Where to even begin. Year after year, under the tutelage of Alternative Program teacher Ms. Cromarty, the students created the most unbelievable, awe-inspiring projects. Not only were they about protecting our environment and making the world a greener place, but it was also about leadership. The students challenged themselves to not only involve their own school, but to create meaningful impact to students in all of northern Saskatchewan. Churchill hosted an eco-conference where students from places like Sandy Bay, La Loche and Pinehouse came to La Ronge to learn about what they can do in their own communities to be more environmentally conscious.

This eco-conference was headline grabbing, to say the least. Read all about it here:

Presenting the $1,000 grand prize cheque to Churchill School

Argyle Elementary School, Regina

All four years of 25 Acts of Conservation saw entries from Mr. Norman’s Grade 8 class at Argyle School in Regina. The projects from Argyle always stood out because there was always an element of engagement for the whole school. In 2015, the students prepared a bingo-style game where Argyle students could do one of the 25 Acts and get a square on their bingo card. When a student would tweet out a picture with the hashtag #25 Acts, they would receive an entry into a draw for prizes. In 2016, the Grade 8 class created a goal to spread the message of energy conservation as far as possible. Students were encouraged to get family and friends from across the globe to participate. Every time a family or friend of a student did an act of conservation, the act went on the map. The goal was to spread the message as “far as the moon and back,” with each kilometre the message spread being accounted for. In total, the students reached 31 countries across the globe and stretched beyond their goal of going to the moon and back in distance. Wow!

Mr. Norman's 2016 grade eight class receiving the grand prize. 

Caswell Elementary School, Saskatoon

Caswell School’s 2017 entry was really cool! The students in the participating class involved their fellow students from kindergarten to grade eight. The kids created a slogan for their campaign: It’s Cool to be an Eco-School! The students informed their peers about the simple changes they could make like recycling more materials and powering down electronics. They hosted an “Eco Week”, where students could learn more about things like composting, using natural light, reducing waste and reusing things like containers from lunches. The engagement levels were very impressive. At the final presentation assembly, the class had the whole school cheering them on and encouraging others to be green. It was truly inspiring to see the way the kids came together to inspire each other and become the change they want to see.

The grade eight class from Caswell Elementary School with their cheque in 2017.

The schools that received prizes over the years even did environmental projects with their prize dollars. We heard of things like installing water-bottle filling stations to waste less bottle water, or going on camping trips or outdoor activities.

Thank you to the Saskatchewan Environmental Society for tirelessly running this program for the last four years. Thank you also to fellow sponsors The Co-operators, SaskEnergy and the Saskatchewan Science Centre, for making this program happen. The projects developed out of the 25 Acts of Conservation will create a lasting impact on students in Saskatchewan for many years to come.

To see more of the projects, visit 

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